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UpTime is an iOS and Android app resulting from a partnership between Google and Youtube. Uptime takes existing YouTube videos and makes them more interactive by allowing you to watch them with your friends. You can see at what time point in the video your friends are compared to you. You’ll also see reactions in the form of sparkles or different cartoon faces. 



As a Design Consultant I was faced with redesigning the interface of the profile page in order to make it more functional, usable, and intuitive for the user


UpTime approached the Design Consulting Division for the Undergraduate Marketing Association at UC Berkeley for advice on how to improve their application's usability and make it more appealing to a wider audience. 


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Upon initial use, it is a bit unclear as to what exactly the Profile Page is trying to accomplish, and the emojis used underneath the profile photo are ambiguous as to what they signify. To increase the understanding of the items on the profile page, I added more clarifying text as well as tabs that can help filter posts to better allow users to navigate the page. Also, because the whole premise of the app is to enjoy videos with friends, I removed the 'follower/following' feature and instead replaced it with a list of friends on the app.

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