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*Winner of the 3-day UC Berkeley Fall 2017 Startup Discovery*



We have noticed a pervasive problem inhibiting the experience of many of our fellow female travelers ... concern over safety.

From our research and conducted interviews we’ve concluded that the opportunity to meet new people is one of the top reasons that women would like to travel solo, but safety is the number one reason preventing them from doing so.

Cue... Travel Gal, a mobile match-based platform made by women for women to make solo travel more safe and fun for our frequent female travelers.


Our mission is to provide solo female travelers with a secure platform to facilitate meet-ups abroad.


We found our company values on ensuring safety and ease, so we have a simple sign-up process as well as reliable photo verification and other safety measures to weed out an potential abuse of the app. All our travelers have to do is download the app, sign up, and get ready to discover other nearby female travelers with similar interests.




Our top competitors are Meetup, Tinder, Couchsurfing which can also be used to coordinate meetups with people abroad. However, a big issue for women using those applications is safety. That’s why we’ve created an app by women for women!

So how else are we different?

We use a secure photo verification system to verify profile authenticity through selfie-photo matching, as well as other typical measures. This is working model right now, but we hope to expand verification to include identity checks.

We also employ a user-to-user review review system to encourage everyone to be more positive, engaged, and truly make the best of their experience because their rating will reflect them, This is also to help us flag accounts that violate our rules.



We are women helping women. As avid travelers ourselves, we know and understand the problem because we live it! 

LinkedIn_ Travel Gal Final Presentation.jpg

Concept, Research, & Ideation: The Whole Team

Presentation Design: Tara Hadipour

App iOS design: Tara Hadipour & Alison Heywood

Business Model: Rita Mendeleva & Angela Lee


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