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Closet Busters: [klɑzət bʌstərz] noun 1. a group of highly innovative UC Berkeley thinkers ready to find a creative solution that would ameliorate the negative experiences people have with regard to using and maintaining their closet space. 2. consists of members Tara Hadipour, Mikuto Murayama, Cassidy Mountjoy, Jackie Chitsanga, and Jason Wang


Before delving into our product, I'd like to introduce our friend Sally...


We knew Sally is not alone in experiencing disorganization, so we set out to find out what other students think.



College students have anxious experiences with regard to using and maintaining their limited closet space.


So, we now ask ourselves...

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To answer this question we went through the full ideation process to help us come up with a solution to not only Sally's problem, but the universal problem of limited space that everyone faces at one point in their lives.




S P L I T! The one-size-fits-all organization tool.

This eco-friendly drawer made from recycled plastic is fully adjustable in every direction, making it customizable to any size drawer. Each modular component of the insert can be adjusted according to the drawer size and desired size of each compartment.



SPLIT efficiently optimizes the limited space  

  • it is tailored to be the perfect size of any drawer

  • eliminates the awkward gaps that can arise from using pre-sized drawer inserts

  • allows you to adjust the number of compartments whenever you want

SPLIT ensures max organization and min disruption

  • physical separation between different types of garments makes it easier to find items

  • keeps the disorganization contained within the compartment post-rummaging

  • localized messes are easier to organize and keep other compartments intact and untouched

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With a variety of color options and an affordable price point of $25, Sally now has a solution to keep her drawer space organized over a longer period of time.



  • Partnerships with major universities to help in their dorm renovation efforts

  • Partnerships with hotels and lodging services as a wholesale route to selling our product.


*SPLIT is a concept developed for a final project for the course Design Thinking (UGBA 190T.01) at UC Berkeley, and is not a real product available for purchase*

Concept, Research, and Ideation: The Whole Team

Presentation and Storyboard: Tara Hadipour

Mid-Fidelity prototype (not pictured): Cassidy Mountjoy